Whitfield, Sumter County, Alabama

Surveyed by Shirley Reeder

Black Bluff Church was founded in 1866 with Caroline Abrams as their first preacher. There are two cemeteries connected with this church located in Whitfield, Alabama. One cemetery where my father is interred is located approximately 2 miles "down the road" from the church. The older cemetery is located approximately 100 yards behind the church. This cemetery is still in use and I recorded these names in that cemetery. While there are approximately 40 graves there, these were the only grave sites with markers.

Flanders Swan (no dates) Elvia Evans Nov 1880 - 1952

Haywood Donald - 1906 Penny Donald

Essie Coleman 1908 - 1991 Fannie Johnson Dec 1861 - 1951

Jimmie Johnson (Ned) Redden Johnson (1861 - 1959) husband of Fannie Ollie Whitfield and Charlie Whitfield


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