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Consul, Marengo County, Alabama

Contributed by Jane Ward

Location: McKinley Road near Consul, Marengo County, Alabama

This is a partial list of the deceased. They are the relatives of the Lankford/Langford/Lanksters buried there since the early 1920s. As you enter the cemetery, the graves are located to the right.

"Mother" 1919-1982 Frankie L. Taylor 

Bro. Ike (Jones) 1905 "A Mason" 

Mrs. Roberta Jones 1897-1980 "Great Missionary Worker" 

Elnora Lankster Born 1902 Died 1949 


Richard Langford AL PVT 1st C 520 Engineering Service Battalion Feb. 8, 1937 


Elizabeth Boykin Lankster Sept. 6, 1905-Dec. 14, 1992 


Rose Lankster died Nov. 15, 1958 "Gone But Not Forgotten" 

Albert Charles Lankster U.S. Army WWII April 17, 1908-Dec. 29, 1991 


Louise Rhodes July 13, 1913-Jan. 4, 1964 



Edward Bridges Pvt U.S. Army WWII May 8, 1927-Jan. 16, 1976

* One of the unmarked graves are for Frank Lankford born Oct. 1875 and died Dec. 29, 1927. It is assumed his grave is somewhere near his wife, Rose Lankster. 
** The Lankster family had a variant spelling. In the censuses from the 1800s and until the 1930s, they were Langfords or Lankfords. It wasn’t until the 1940s that the name was changed to Lankster. That is what the family is known as today.

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