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Lost Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana

by Loretta Carson

( ), Mary (wife of Benjamin)
( ), Lucinda.
Allen, George
Anderson, Eliza
Anderson, James
Anderson, John Lewis
Anderson, Joshua
Anderson, Lewis
Anderson, Martin
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Rances
Anderson, William
Bass, Chester
Burnett, Anna
Chavis, James
Cooper, Thelma
Derson, Henry
Glover, George
Glover, Maetter
Green, E
Green, M
Green, S.T.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John
Norton, Ottis
Patterson, William
Pettiford, Isaac
Pettiford, Mary Ann
Pettiford, Polly Ann
Rile, Dora
Roberts, Bertie
Roberts, Cecil
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Isabelle
Roberts, Kinchen
Roberts, Louisa
Roberts, May
Roberts, Nancy
Roberts, Reden
Roberts, Sarah
Smith, Jemima
Stewart, Catharine
Stewart, Elison
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, John W.
Stewart, Kinchen
Stewart, Nancy Jane
Stewart, Oblen Elisha
Stewart, Thomas
Walden, Martha
Walden, Ollie
Walden, Robert
Walden, Wiley
Winfrey, Mary A. Roberts

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