Floyd County, KY

By Sheila Harlow,

The name of the cemetery is Peaceful Gardens and it is located in Floyd County, Kentucky. It's about 30 minutes from Prestonsburg, the county seat. Go Rt. 80 to 122 at Martin and then go app. 21 miles into Wheelwright. Straight shot. When you get to Wheelwright Jct. go app. 3/4 to 1/2 mi. and take the first little blacktop road on your right and go straight up the hollow to the cemetery.

The condition varies. Sometimes you can go and look around and other times the weeds are up to your knees. I wouldn't advise a person to go there in the Summer. The hollow is also known as Copperhead or Rattlesnake Hollow by some people. I sorry I'm not very good with directions so if [anyone has] any questions I'll try to make myself more clear.

I really wanted to add this cemetery because it is an old one started by the old mining camp for the black citizens of the community. It's a very peaceful cemetery. I'll send you more information of the people when I find out. I'm going to see some of the people that have relatives buried there and hopefully they can help me out on the older graves. I'll let you know additional information as I get it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to write. Thanks so much!

ARMOUR, Henry b: 7-31-1908 d: 4-26-1987 h/o Hazel Layne

ARMOUR, Henry Rudolph d: 7-26-1939 under age 1 s/o Henry and his 1st wife. (I'll find out)

ARMOUR, Howard E. b: 1958 d: 1958 s/o Henry & Hazel Layne Armour

BALLEW, Essie M. b:5-21-1904 d: 5-14-1970

BENNETTE, Robert C. b:5-24-1954 d:5-26-1954

BLACKMAN, Robert b:2-20-1891 d:7-19-1966

BRADFORD, Eddie b:1-3-1899 d:6-21-1982 (Pvt. US Army)

BRADFORD, Viola b:12-23-1886 d:6-14-1973

BROOKER, Mrs. b: ? d: ?

BRYANT, Lena Mae b: ? d: 8-21-1947 age 23

BUTLER, John Henry b: ? d:12-3-1983 age 92 h/o Minnie B.

BUTLER, Minnie B. b:6-13-1874 d:5-21-1976 w/o John Henry Butler

COOLEY, Lois Yvonne b:11-8-1941 d:11-8-1941

COOLEY, Margie O.D. b:3-30-1940 d:3-30-1940 (Note: Lois and Margie's name are on the same stone)

DEAN, Cora C. b: 1-11-1873 d:3-21-1966

DEAN, Joseph L. b: 1-24-1915 d:5-21-1973 KY PFC US Army WWII

DEBOSE, John b: 1901 d: 1996

DEWBERRY, John b: 2-6-1888 d:11-19-1972 New York Pvt. US Army WWI

FLEMMINGS, Sarah b: ? d: 1972

GARRETT, Hilton b:9-15-1893 d:2-8-1991 h/o Ruby (Note: He ran the black boarding house and the black restaurant in the coal camp. He was also the barber having a shop set up in the black community hall)

GARRETT, Ruby b: 4-15-1896 d:6-191980 w/o Hilton Garrett

GREEN, Jack b:1896 d:6-28-1961

GREET, Hattie b: ? d: ?

HALL, Emma b: ? d: ?

JACKSON, Roosevelt b: 6-13-1910 d: 10-30-1974

JOHNSON, Essie b:3-26-1900 d:10-25-1981

JOHNSON, Sallie H. b:5-8-1908 d:2-26-1977

JOHNSON, Wangelos b: ? d: 5-17-1985 age 79

JONES, Margie Parker Holt b:5-30-1894 d:12-4-1980 w/o Rev. William Jones

JONES, Rev. William b:3-6-1882 d:8-18-1956 h/o Margie Parker Holt

LEWIS, Albert b: 4-23-1915 d: 9-4-1972 s/o Eugene "Sonny" Sr. & Julia Ward Lewis

LEWIS, Eugene "Sonny" Sr. b:1-1-1898 Ashe Co., N.C. d: 6-14-1976 h/o Julia Ward

LEWIS, Eugene Jr. b: 12-14-1923 Floyd Co., Ky. d:8-16-1956 Wheelwright, Ky. s/o Eugene "Sonny" Sr. & Julia Ward Lewis h/o Elouise Glover Tec 4 4359 QM Bakery Co. WWII (Note: he was killed at the Inland Steel Mines)

LEWIS, Eugene Jr. III b: 3-15-1952 Floyd Co. d: 10-9-1953 s/o Eugene Jr. & Eloise Glover Lewis

LEWIS, Eugene IV b: ? d: ?

LEWIS, James William b:1-22-1929 Floyd Co., Ky. d: 1976 s/o Eugene "Sonny" Sr. & Julia Ward Lewis PFC US Army Korea

LEWIS, John David b:2-16-1927 Floyd Co., Ky. d:3-7-1968 s/o Eugene "Sonny" Sr. & Julia Ward Lewis PFC US Army

LEWIS, Julia Ann b: 12-25-1891 d:7-28-1966 w/o Eugene "Sonny" Lewis Sr.

LEWIS, William b:7-4-1871 d:6-22-1955

MAYS, Anna b:6-7-1911 Whitley Co., Ky. d:6-13-1998 d/o Samuel & Molly Goins Tye w/o Virgil Mays

MAYS, Virgil b: 6-1-1912 Whitley Co., Ky. d: 2-28-1980 (his mothers name is Alice Mackey) h/o Anna Tye

McCARY, Jenny b: 7-18-1914 d: 5-19-1973

McCARY, Willie b:11-25-1899 d: 9-10-1978

MILLER, John T. b:12-12-1907 d:9-19-1974

MOORE, Leon b: ? d: ?

MOSLEY, Annie Bell b: ? d: ?

MOSLEY, Elvyrta Scott b: 1905 d: 1993

PARKER, Joyce b: ? d: 7-24-1983 infant d/o Lowell Dean & Joyce Ann Parker

PATTERSON, Adrean Lee b: ? d:7-24-1968

PRESLEY, Mary b:3-16-1877 d:3-7-1963

QUERRELLS, Shorty b: ? d: ?

RHEA, Alberta "Bert" b: 7-4-1935 d:2-5-1997 w/o Alfred Rhea

RHEA, Eldora Valentine "Dodie" b:8-12-1958 d: 6-11-1981 d/o Alfred & Alberta Jackson Rhea

RHEA, Jeanette b: 8-28-1957 d:9-2-1957 d/o Alfred & Alberta Jackson Rhea

ROBERTS, Jackson b: ? d: ?

ROBINSON, Arthur b:10-4-1887 d:10-5-1974

ROBINSON, Lucy Mae b:6-28-1911 d:9-19-1963

SANDERS, James "Jimmy" Leighton b:11-19-1944 Pikeville, Ky. d: 5-2-1999 Lexington, K. s/o James W. & Corrie Shuford Sanders

SCOTT, Annie B. "Tootsie b: 2-4-1911 d:11-10-1991

SCOTT, ?athanie b:4-4-1927 d:4-10-1985 (I'll find out the name on this one. It was unreadable)

SCOTT, Arthur b:4-4-1927 d: 4-10-1985

SCOTT, Boyd b: ? d: ?

SCOTT, Dunbar b: 1915 d: 1996 (Note: he was a blind piano player and he sure could make that piano sing)

SCOTT, J.C. b: ? d: ?

SCOTT, John C. b: 3-25-1908 d: 4-1-1972

SCOTT, Joseph W. b:1-6-1927 d: 10-18-1964 KY PFC 457 Aviation SQ AAF WWII

SCOTT, Mildred b: ? d: ?

SCOTT, Theodore b: ? d: 10-2-1965 age 49

SHERES, Willie Mae b: 12-18-1905 Bessemer, Ala. d: 12-5-1997

SIMMONS, Robert b: 3-5-1892 d: 4-26-1956 KY. Pvt. Co. A 339 Service BN QMC WWI

SIMMONS, William b: ? d: ?

SLAUGHTER, Will b: ? d: 7-10-1946 age 48

SMITH, A.V. b: 7-10-1905 Midway, Ala. d: 10-24-1997 McDowell, Ky. s/o Walter & Hennie Biddings Smith h/o Sally Hutchinson

SMITH, J. b:? d: ?

SMITH, Lena C. b: ? d: 10-7-1969 age 73 yrs. 3 mos. & 27 days

SMITH, Milton b: 8-3-1889 d: 4-20-1974

SMITH, Queenie b: 1-16-1922 d: 4-4-1969

SMITH, R.D. b: ? d: ?

SMITH, Sallie b: ? d: 3-17-1972

SMITH, Sally b: 5-8-1908 d: 2-26-1977 w/o A.V. Smith

SMITH, William "Big Track" b: 1-5-1905 d: 8-23-1986 h/o Gertrude Lews Tyson

SMITH, Willie Brooks b: 3-27-1896 d: 10-17-1961 KY. Pvt. US Army WWI

TERRY, Clarence W. b:7-29-1923 d: 8-8-1965

THORNTON, Lorenzo V. b: 1900 d: 1912 or 1962 (I'll check on this)

WATSON, Brenda b: 9-27-1949 d: 1-1-1950 d/o mother was Mary E. Glover

WATSON, Mary E. b:11-23-1928 d:5-25-1971

WATSON, Willie Jr. b: 8-29-1947 Floyd Co., Ky. d: 8-25-1995 s/o Mary E. Glover SP4 US Army Vietnam

WEAVER, Lucinda b: ? d: ?

WHITING, Clarence b: ? d: ?

There is a grave marked J.M.T. This could be James M. Terry but I'll have to check on this. There are about 50 graves that are sunken in or marked with rocks.

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3 Jun 2000
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