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Bethlehem Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Contributed by Jimmy Trussell

Traveling south from Lucedale, Mississippi on highway 63 you will go 4.8 tenths of a mile where you will find the intersection with highway 63 four lane by-pass. Take a left turn onto highway 63 south and continue on it for 6.0 miles. Here you will come to Barton/Agricola road, take a left hand turn and go 1.4 tenths on the Barton/Agricola road and the cemetery will be on your left side. There is a new chain link fence across the front and a short ways down both sides of the cemetery. The cemetery is overgrown with grass and weeds and many graves need maintenance done to them. There were many unmarked graves and others the slabs were deteriorated to the point no information was readable. Some clearing of brush and trees and the new fence indicates maintenance has been started and hopefully will be completed in the near future. I was given permission to walk this cemetery on April 26th, 2007 by Mr. Solly Cowan, and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.

Pruitt, Cleveland L; b. ??-??-1926, d. ??-??-1986, PFC US Army WW-2
Polk, Raymond; b. ??-??-1919, d. ??-??-2005, 85 years old
Sinclair, Frances Scott; b. 05-14-1950, d. 08-31-2004
Blackston, Mary; b. 03-16-1880, d. 05-12-1908
Chapman, Darryl Keith; b. 09-14-1952, d. 06-25-1992
Crutcher, Charlie E; b. 03-08-1878, d. 11-25-1933
Crutcher, Linda M; b. 04-14-1954, d. 01-16-1986
Crutcher, Mrs.C.A; b. 04-01-1892, d. 12-04-1970
Jones, Oscar Monroe; b. 05-30-1911, d. 05-04-1974
Ferrill, Edna Missouri; b. 06-30-1907, d. 03-20-2006
Ferrill, James Roosevelt; b. 11-02-1901, d. 07-04-1984
Ferrill, Albert J; b. 01-09-1874, d. 04-10-1928
Ferrill, Millie (Cowan); b. unknown, d. 05-26-1963
Walker, Odessa; b. 09-21-1910, d. 07-29-1998
Cowan, Maggie; b. unknown, d. 02-06-1953, 81 years 9 months
Cowan, Claude; b. 08-02-1904, d. 10-18-1994
Cowan, Georgia V; b. 05-30-1913, d. 09-16-2006
Williams, Alex; b. 03-??-1914, d. 01-08-2006, 91 years old
Williams, Jennie R; b. 10-08-1918, d. 11-17-1994
Colston, Liddy; b. 04-07-1887, d. 03-06-1972
Wells, Lorena; b. 03-09-1894, d. 05-28-1966
Phillips, Gloria J; b. 05-28-1932, d. 12-24-1994
Jones, Alma L; b. ??-??-1946, d. ??-??-1993, “daughter”
Williams, Ethel R; b. 05-13-1896, d. 09-19-1965
Williams, James; b. 12-12-1895, d. 03-29-1962, PVT US Army WW-1
DeFlanders, Clifton; b. 03-14-1921, d. 12-12-1967, TEC5 Quartermaster Corps WW-2 

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