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(African American)
Belmont, Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Contributed by RaNae S. Vaughn

All documents placed in the Tishomingo County Archives remain the property of the
Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society (TCHGS). TCHGS retains publication rights in accordance with U.S. Copyright Laws and Regulations. These transcriptions are from the Society's book, Tishomingo County, Mississippi Cemeteries, ©1997. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 97-65702. TCHGS will continue to provide updates as time and volunteers become available. These documents may be used by anyone for their personal research. They may be used by non-commercial entities as long as all notices and submitter information is included. Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires permission from the Society PRIOR to uploading to the other sites. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit.

Tishomingo County’s Burgess Cemetery for African American individuals is located on County Road 78 at the Itawamba County, Mississippi, line. From Belmont, Mississippi, travel 2.9 miles to County Road 78 at the Itawamba County line. Turn left; the cemetery is on the left inside a private fence. It is located immediately past the first Burgess Cemetery.

The survey of this African American cemetery was transcribed from TCHGS’ book entitled Tishomingo County, Mississippi Cemeteries by Helah Wilson and Janice Switcher on November 3, 2005. The cemetery was re-surveyed and photographed by Bob and Cindy Nelson on March 5, 2006, and May 31, 2006.


Alexander, Horace C.
06/16/1917 to 02/08/1985
U.S. Navy

Alexander, Mary
04/09/1916 to 03/13/1981

Anderson, Allie Lee
04/07/1922 to 05/20/1975
A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend


Beacham, Fannie
05/15/1859 to 08/04/1925
[Broken tombstone]

Beckon, Jim
Died circa 1940s

Brown, Maydean
06/28/1935 to 03/02/1994

Bryant, Mary Martin
[No dates]

Burgess, Clyde
01/23/1900 to 05/14/1984
Have Faith In God — 
St. Mark 11:22

Burgess, Mary
03/03/1898 to 06/02/1977

Burgess, Velvet Beatrice
07/12/1936 to 11/10/1994
Trust In The Lord, And Do Good — Ps. 37:3

Burgess, Willie Dean
07/03/1928 to 01/27/1983
In The Hands Of God


Colburn, Brian
12/14/1961 to 11/26/2001
Age 39
[Marker—Otts Funeral Home,
Sulligent, Ala.]


Gillis, Stanley
01/12/1900 to 12/15/1990


Haley, J. H.
1903 to 1967

Hamilton, Willie
05/02/1895 to 10/30/1964
[Info obtained from Alberta Thomas]

Hegwood, Rena
Died 06/07/1884
Age about 80 years old
[Broken marker]

Henry, Lonnie
08/30/1908 to 12/12/1946

Henry, Lonnie Ovell
02/25/1934 to 07/27/1948

Hollis, Mitzi L.
09/16/1965 to 05/11/1998


Jones, Will
1878 to 1962; and
Jones, Marion
Born 1914


King, Maggie (Mrs.)
Died 10/01/1987
Age 63 years


Lawhorn, Arma
10/18/1917 to 07/28/1984
In Loving Memory Of Our Father

Lawhorn, Jimmie Lee
07/15/1938 to 10/06/2001
Age 63
[Marker—Deaton Funeral Home]

Lawhorn, Roy
10/29/1891 to 06/28/1960; and
Lawhorn, Nola Jane
11/18/1918 to 10/15/1937; and
Lawhorn, Ada
09/29/1899 to 09/21/1983

Luster, A. L.
03/29/1892 to 07/01/1937

Luster, Coro
03/10/1911 to 06/29/1979

Luster, Ison
10/24/1883 to 03/29/1970

Luster, Len
09/13/1893 to 09/07/1951
Mississippi Pvt. 313 Service BN QMC, World War I


Maddox, Curtis R., Sr.
06/25/1907 to 08/20/1980

Maddox, Curtis Rogers, Jr.
07/04/1935 to 05/20/1957
Pfc. S.N. 14.574/858

Martin, James A.
09/06/1926 to 09/09/1988
U.S. Army, World War II

Martin, James Arther, Jr.
07/23/1954 to 08/27/1994

Martin, Walter Alan
09/15/1961 to 05/22/1980
An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him

Morrison, Barbara Ann
04/03/1823 to 08/06/1914
Wife of Tarleton Morrison

Morrison, Betty
Died circa 1950


Phillips, Janie Mae
04/06/1953 to 02/26/1995

Pollard, Emma
06/30/1913 to 12/18/1938
Wife of Raymond Pollard

Pollard, John
12/26/1879 to 11/21/1954; and
Pollard, Mettie
03/01/1878 to 01/01/1963


Ramsey, Edie

Ramsey, Hulda
Gone But Not Forgotten

Ransey, David
03/27/1900 to 07/10/1937

Ransey, James
08/25/1875 to 07/16/1955
[Marker—Lusk Funeral Home]

Ransey, Tom
Born unknown
Died 04/02/1930

Rucker, Will (W. R.)
1883 to 07/26/1928
Rest In Peace
Nearer My God To Thee


Scott, Rosana
11/15/1880 to 01/03/1951
Only Sleeping

Southard, Fletcher
1914 to 1960

Southard, John E.
1882 to 1964; and
Southard, Georgia C.
1884 to 1967

Southard, Minervia
Died 10/28/1968


Thomas, Allonie
03/12/1883 to 06/20/1888
Daughter of W. T. and Jane Thomas
[Broken tombstone]

Thomas, Daniel Webster
01/28/1907 to 06/12/1985

Thomas, Ella
10/28/1873 to 03/07/1880
Daughter of W. T. and Jane Thomas
Darling We Miss Thee
[Broken tombstone]

Thomas, Infant
[No dates]
Son of John Thomas

Thomas, J. T.
10/31/1872 to 12/18/1894
Son of W. T. and Jane Thomas
[Broken tombstone]

Thomas, Jane Savanah
10/30/1853 to 03/15/****
Wife of W. T. Thomas
[Broken tombstone]

Thomas, Martha
10/10/1877 to 03/12/1893
Daughter of W. T. and Jane Thomas
[Broken tombstone]

Thomas, W. T., Sr.
03/15/1853 to 04/20/1924

Thomas, Willie
08/13/1876 to 07/13/1885
Son of W. T. and Jane Thomas
Death Is The Crown Of Life


Warren, Bennie A. (Elder)
08/04/1895 to 10/29/1978
Age 83
Pvt. U.S. Army, World War I
[Husband of Alice Warren]; and
Warren, Alice
1908 to 08/**/1995; and
Warren, Viola
1876 to 1913

Warren, Eliza
12/16/1891 to 04/16/1950

Warren, Infant
[No dates; stillborn]
Son of Vode Warren
[Info obtained from Alberta Thomas]

Warren, R. W.
03/12/1872 to 10/29/1942

Warren, Vode
10/17/1905 to 08/26/1982

W. T. T.
[No dates; marker not located in 2006 survey]


Yates, Carrie
[No dates; marker not located in 2006 survey]

Young, Noah Davis
01/18/1906 to 10/18/1974; and
Young, Ethel Lee
Born 06/22/1916
Together Forever

Young, Velma
12/23/1921 to 12/23/1944

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