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mount Pleasant Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Contributed by Jimmy Trussell

Traveling south from Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 63 south you will go 4.8 tenths of a mile. Here you will come to the intersection with highway 63 four lane by-pass, take a left onto this road. Now continue south for another 6.0 miles, this will be the intersection with Barton/Agricola Road, here you will turn right or west and go 1.5 tenths of a mile. You will see a sign on the left “Mount Pleasant Cemetery”, take a left on the woods road beside the sign. Go strait on this road for .3 tenths of a mile and the cemetery will be in front of you and also to your right. You will need to park on the left hand side as some graves are not visible in the tall grass. There are many unmarked graves, seems no upkeep or maintenance has been done here in quite some time. This cemetery was walked on April 26th and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers. I was given permission to walk this cemetery by Mr. Solly Cowan.

Hall, Quintrell Renee; b. 11-27-1991, d. 12-14-2006, 15 years old
Parker, Nathaniel; b. 04-01-1932, d. 10-07-2006
Mitchell, Denise P; b. 07-13-1966, d. 12-02-2001
Hill, Stanfield (Jr.); b. 10-16-1926, d. 12-05-2004
Williams, Eddie L; b. 10-22-1922, d. 07-22-1996, SSGT. US Army 
Murphy, Amos Julius CoDevon (Jr.); b. 05-17-1932, d. 12-15-2002, 70 years old
Brown, Dec. Ira; b. 02-05-1938, d. 06-24-1999
Murphy, Cluest Fred; b. 11-25-1925, d. 11-19-1998, US Navy
Henton, Larry E; b. 12-01-1959, d. 07-23-1992
McNeil, Nicoe Jacinto; b. 05-07-1979, d. 05-15-2005, 26 years old
Murphy, Olivia A (Evang); b. 11-09-1910, d. 07-22-1999
Murphy, Amos D; b. 04-03-1913, d. 11-13-1978
Anderson, Ebenezer; b. 04-15-1915, d. 03-11-1978
Anderson, Raymond; b. 09-01-1938, d. 04-05-2006
Anderson, Mrs. Virginia; b. ??-??-1916, d. unknown, 86 years old
Eckford, Nattie Lee A; b. 02-16-1909, d. 09-22-1951
Eckford, Jodie; b. 04-16-1905, d. 10-17-1972
Eckford, Johnnie Lee; b. 09-14-1935, d. 11-19-1948
Anderson, Colia; b. ??-??-1897, d. ??-??-1982, PVT. US Army WW-1
Robertson, Lula; b. unknown, d. 09-09-2001, 61 years old
Stewart, Leon L; b. 03-05-1919, d. 04-24-1978, “Daddy”

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