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Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Contributed by RaNae S. Vaughn

All documents placed in the Tishomingo County Archives remain the property of the
Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society (TCHGS), which retains publication rights in accordance with U.S. Copyright Laws and Regulations. TCHGS will continue to provide updates as time and volunteers become available. These documents may be used by anyone for their personal research. They may also be used by non-commercial entities as long as all notices and submitter information is included. Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires permission from the Society PRIOR to uploading to the other sites. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit.

Driving Directions:
From the City of Tishomingo, Mississippi, travel Highway 25 South for approximately one mile. Turn onto a dirt road. The cemetery is located on the right on private property.

The transcription of this survey was obtained from TCHGS’ book entitled Tishomingo County, Mississippi Cemeteries by Helah Wilson and Janice Switcher. The cemetery was surveyed and photographed on March 5, 2006, by Bob and Cindy Nelson.


Allen, Brittney Nicole 01/17/1987

Anderson, Mae Dell
11/2/1912 to 3/14/1993

Anderson, Solomon
3/14/1905 to 8/15/1998

Anderson, Thurmon Earl
11/27/1928 to 07/07/1993


Burgess, Docie
Age 104 years

Dan B.
(No other information is available.)


C. L. R.
(No other information is available.)


Duke, Eleven
05/11/1920 to 02/02/1990
U.S. Army WW II

Duke, Holley
Died 04/22/1965
Age 92 years and 6 months

Duke, Rosana
1893 to 03/28/1928


Goodloe, Zachary Bernard
10/22/1968 to 10/11/1990


Haley, Bertie M.
05/17/1896 to 02/27/1961; and
Haley Scott
03/12/1887 to 07/13/1964

Haley, Haty
(No other information is available.)

Haley, June
(No other information is available.)

Haley, Tod
(No other information is available.)


Johnson, Elsie
06/30/1919 to 08/02/1983

Johnson, Enis, Sr.
11/28/1919 to 1/3/1999
U.S. Army WW II

Johnson, Robert E.
1940 to 1976


Long, Lisa
(No other information is available.)


Martin, Curley
1924 to 1991

Martin, Homer Lee
02/26/1905 to 03/24/1989

Martin, Huey
06/25/1914 to 07/22/1990
Pvt. U.S. Army WW II

Martin, James D. S.
07/26/1926 to 07/18/1951
CPL 3010 AAF Base Unit WW II

Martin, Jim
Age 76 years

Martin, Katherine
(No other information is available.)

Martin, Tom
(No other information is available.)

Marton, Rosella

McFadden, Adam C.
1917 to 1985

McRae, Bettie
(No other information is available.)

McRae, J. W.
(No other information is available.)


Padan, A.
Died 05/1883

Payne, Mitchell (Unc)
(No other information is available.)

Powell, Zice
08/1886 to 08/02/1925


Reid, Hat E.
(No other information is available.)

Reid, Namreid Peat Reid
(Spelling on tombstone displays the typed “e” turned backwards).


Southward, Buddie
12/08/1911 to 12/11/1977
(During the 1997 survey, this grave was at this location; however, it has now been moved to the newly established Martin Cemetery located on County Road 107 in Tishomingo.

*There are more than 300 graves in this cemetery, and there are many rocks with inscriptions that were no longer readable.

On a more personal note, I remember Mr. Mitchell Payne fondly. He was a very pleasing gentleman, always having something nice to say when he saw you. Mr. Payne lived to be about 100 or more years of age, and yes, he was always called "Unc."

-- Cindy Nelson

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