ALERT: Slave Cemetery in Danger – Wake Forest, NC

Submitted by Angela McCarty

Wake County, NC Commissioners voted ‘YES’ to building a high school on the site of a Slave Cemetery with more than 60 Slaves buried on a hill. The Plantation once owned by Peterson Dunn had over 200 Slaves on the plantation at one time. The site should and would have been a Historic Landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the largest slave cemeteries left undisturbed and intact since the Civil War. Cannon balls from the war have also been found on and near the property, along with several other items dating back to that era.

The Wake County School Board, still pursued the property after the cemetery was made public at the Wake County Board of Commissioners meeting on October 6th, 2008, which they passed a 5/2 vote to purchase the 80 acre property for 4.8 million dollars anyway. County Commissioners in Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee voted ‘NO’ to having a high school built on land which would have been built on or around a slave cemetery as they noted ‘That preserving their State’s and Nation’s history was so important, in regards to Historic Preservation’.

The School Board says now they intend to build around it. The cemetery was located where the student parking lot was intended to be. This historical site should be preserved with dignity to the slaves that are buried there and be donated to the State for Historic Preservation. There are at least 60 head stone markers, and more are found daily, and still more yet to find.

If you need to contact me or Debbie Vair please feel free to do so, or the NAACP:

Angela McCarty: (919) 217-8364, email

Debbie Vair: (919) 761-3766, email

NAACP Ronald White: (919) 846-7045, email

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