Pike County, Ohio

Transcribed by Linda Artis,

Nancy Jane          daughter of C.C. & M. Brown

August 9, 1884 4y 4m

Jno. Redmond Co. D 27th USCT

Nancy J. wife of C. Brown

d. May 21, 1878 56y 3m 9d

Dorothy Smith

Nov. 13, 1902-Nov. 21, 1924

Sarah F. Smith

Nov. 7, 1872-Apr. 3, 1934

Thomas Smith

Mar. 16, 1861-Jul. 15, 1941

Mary Jane daughter of H. & S. Carter

Nov. 18, 1878

Nancy Ann wife of J.C. Brown

Apr. 23, 1884 20y 10m 23d

Jemima wife of J.C. Brown

d. Feb. 20, 1882 20y 11m 10d

Remember me as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you will be

Prepare for death and follow me

John C. son of S.E. & M.E. Green

Oct. 10, 1905 1m 17d

Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

Elizabeth daughter of Jacob & M. Vires

d. Jan 23, 1861

Isaac Lucas 24th USCT

Rebecca J. wife of Phillip Lucas

d. Sept. 19, 1860

Eliza Lucas



19(?) 1907

(?)W.C.  L


Mary E. wife of Samuel E. Green

d. June 21, 1906 17y 7m 8d

Brown, John C.


Martha F. his wife


Rachel Brown

Oct. 25, 1900-1931

C.L. Brown

Jos. Clark 27th US C INF

M. Vires

Born May

John Tate

Delia wife of Daniel Luce(?)

June 1, 1851


Oct. 11, 1847

Quinn son of E. & S.E. Brown

June 16, 1891 4y 11m 23d

A little time on earth he spent til God for him his angel sent

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7 February, 2000
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