Murray County, OK

By Dennis Muncrief,

Located 11 miles west of Davis, Murray Co., OK on Hiway 7. There are about 119 marked but unknown graves. Some of these are marked with metal pipes. There are many native stone markers with no inscriptions. Registry by Arbuckle Historical Society.

"Evert Stevens" carved in Native Stone

Alexander, Cora 1896-1972

Alexander, Earl Father Died June 25,1933

Alexander, Fleet b.Dec.13,1889-d.June 15,1948 Oklahoma PVT 163 Depot Brig WWI

Alexander, Jane July 27,1947

Alexander, Lizzie d.Dec.6,1884 Aged 18Years

Alexander, Minnie b.Mar.12,1890-d.Feb.6,1977

Alexander, Paul 1927-1974 PFC U S Army Korea

Alexander, Rubin Jan.9, 1939

Anderson, Bessie Peters, 1892-1971

Avriett, Earl C. b.May 13,1917-d.Jan.21,1938

Avriett, Flora b.Apr.6, 1878-d.Nov.21, 1965 Our Mother

Avriett, Thomas J. 1875-1950

Ayers, Jania Born 1897-Died 1980 Age 83

Brown, Geraldine 1928-1961

Brown, Margaret Died June 15,1960

Bruner, Clyde B. Jr. b.Nov.5,1966-d.Jan.13,1970

Bucker, Viola E. b.Mar. 8,1937-d.Aug. 2,1981

Butler, Carrie b.Sept.17,1885-d.Mar.8,1960

Butler, Charley b.Oct.22, 1878-d.Apr.2, 1925

Butler, Pink b.June 27,1910-d.July 26,1958

Cannon, Eva Jean Williams

Carter, Beatrice b.Jan.9,1908-d.July 18,1971

Chapman, King b.Jan.28, 1858-d.Aug. 1,1928

Chapman, Lucy M. 1885-1964 Aunt,

Clay, Moses Died Sept.7,1884 Age 22 Years

Colbert, Douglass Died Mar.25,1937 71 Years

Colbert, Mr. Earl Nov.10,1939 35 Years

Colbert, Cynthia M. b.Feb.17,1907-d.Apr. 15,1972 Mother

Colbert, McKinley b.Feb.28, 1897-d.Nov. 18,1961 Oklahoma PFC Army Air Force WWII

Colbert, Mrs. Lillian Mar 2,1969 54 Years

Colbert, Roger b.June 26,1930-d.Jun. 18,1950 Oklahoma PVT 519 Engr Base Depot Co

Cole, Jack Jr. b.May 7,1934-d.Jan.19,1963 Oklahoma A2C USAF

Dennison, E. Marie Williams

Dunn, Ira 1898-1977

Elliott, Chaney b.Oct.26,1895-d.Aug.9,1971 At Rest

Elliott, Zack F. 1892-1963

Ervin Alive Faye Mar.30, 1921- (NDD)

Ervin, Dewitt Died Oct.1,19?? 49 yrs 7 Mos

Ervin, Fred Elmer Mar.19, 1919-Dec.5,1979

Ervin, George Collin b.July 30,1948-d.July 11,1982 33 Yrs 11 Months 11 Days

Ervin, Leroy b.Apr.3,1921-d.Mar. 13,1972

Evans, Henry b.Feb.2, 1839-d.Apr. 16,1929

Evans, Mrs. Rosa d. Aug.13,1934 Age 90

Farris, 0. D. Died July 3,1938 Age 25

Farris, J. E. Family

Franklin Pauline 1887-1962 Mama

Franklin, Arthur b.June 2,1902-d.Aug.12,1949

Franklin, Fred b.Dec.8,1898-d.June 22,1949

Franklin, Malinda b.Sept 13,1898-d.Sept.24, 1953

Franklin, Perry b.Aug 1874-d.Aug 15,1931

Franklin,Bert 1877-1962 Papa

George, Garfield 1886-1969

Gray, Pastor Richard b.Feb.6,1880-d.Feb.23, 1960

Green, John L. b.Mar.30, 1914-d.Aug.25, 1965

Hamilton, Dora Janette Apr.14,1909

Hamilton, Percy Haskell b.Mar.15,1899-d.Apr.2, 1964

Jackson, Henry C. b.Aug.8,1898-d.Dec.30,1970 Father

Jackson, Oliver b. 1870-d. Mar.23,1919 Age 49

James, C. Born 1847-Died June 25,1920

James, Mary b.1813-d. Nov.23,1901

James, Thomas 1878-1947

Johnson, Daisy M. 1935-1957 Wife

Kendrick, Sarah Anghline b.Nov. 25,1890-d.Aug. 16,1937

Kendricks, Tennie 1887-1968

Kendricks, Virgie 1910-(NDD)

Kimbal, Cliffy b.Nov 19,1890-Oct 10,1891 Son of Richard and Minnie Kimbal

Knowels, Gertrude Rolfe 1880-1958

Lamey Effie Apr 10,1899 Mar.2,1976

Lamey, Durant b.June 3,1909-d.Nov.18,1951

Lamey, Umphirie, ND

Lamey, William b.Sept.1,1847-d.July 1,1910

Lamey, Worren b.Apr.19 ,1939-June 10,1952

Lane, Albert, 1887-1970

Levy, Vera Lee Williams

Lewis, Nemrod b.May 15,1890-d.Dec.1959 Oklahoma PVT Co B 509 Engineers WWIMarker

McKinney, Angieline 1916-1983

Mileson, Robert Died. 1945

Mims, Carrie 1916-(ND)

Mosley, Raymond Died Oct.31,1975 Age 50 Yrs Mos 22 Days

Nero, Cathy Russell, Henrietta

Nero, Clinnon J. b.Dec.26,1929-d.May 7,1974 PFC U S Army

Nero, J.L. b.Mar.29,1892 (ND)

Nero, Nonie b.June 20,1893-d.Mar.2, 1979

Nugent, Ellis (No Dates)

Perry, Adella b.Dec.28, 1909-Mar. 12,1965

Perry, Fannie M. b.Mar.4,19_3 - d.July 20,1950

Perry, Onie Lee b.May 24,1942-d.Oct.8,1947

Perry, Roscoe b.Oct.9,1921-d.Oct.2,1939

Perry, Tim b.Feb.12,1900-d.May 25,1956

Peters, Swain, 1886-1938

Prince, J. P. Died June 5,1946 Age About 80 Years

Prince, Fannie b.Feb. 2,1865-d.Sept .22,1940

Prince, Little Terina Mae Prince (no Dates)

Prince, Ocie 1921-1966

Prince, Vernon W. b.May 16,1941-d.Feb.3,1981

Raglin, Amy Wife of Thomas Died May 2,1885 Age 47 Years Since

Richard, Albert b.Mar.8,1895-d.Nov. 19,1968

Richardson, Kenny Arthur Died 11-9-51

Rick, Ralph Died Aug.l0,1963

Riley, Donald Joe Apr' 17-Jan'58

Rivers, Adolph b.Apr.20,1885-d.Sept.24,1977

Rivers, Emily b.Feb.11,l9l2-d.Apr.28,1978

Rivers, Rogers b.May 28,l9l0-d.July 24,1977

Robbin, Uncle E. Husband of Eizila Bobb Dec.26, 1811-Mar.3, 1885

Russell, Gerome Died Apr. 1947

Russell, Henry b.July 4,1883-d.July 8,1936

Russell, Hilda L. 1904-1946

Russell, Nina Mae b.Dec 9,1909-d.Jan 13,1936

Shirley, Mrs. Lelar 1906-1957

Simmons, Geneva Sept .7,1976 Age 60 Yrs 11 Mos 26 Days

Smith, Jessie Feb. 11,1942 69 Yrs 7 Mos 13 Days

Stephens, Larkin 1873-1938 Father

Stephenson, Dixie b.Oct .21,1895-d.June 6,1983 Age 87

Stepheson, Banks Aug. 1821-Jan.6, 1887

Stepheson, Charley About 30 Years

Stevenson, Edward 1879-1944 Father

Stevenson, ?, July 2,1879-Jan. ,1954

Stevenson, Booker T. b.June 2,1906-d.Nov.25,1970

Stevenson, R.S. 1936

Stevenson, Adaline 1851-1886

Stevenson, Amos

Stevenson, Mary

Stevenson, B. E. Born 1876-Died 1941 Father

Stevenson, Banks b.Feb. 4,1905-d.Apr. 3,1978

Stevenson, Bertrend b.June 21,1926-d.Feb.16,1963

Stevenson, Dave b.1841-d. Feb.6,1909

Stevenson, George Ann Born 1855-Died Sept.7,1914

Stevenson, Hattie b.Feb.7,1895-d.Apr.8,1976

Stevenson, Henrietta 1963

Stevenson, Horace Jr. b.Dec.1, 1934-d.Sept. 10,1955 Son

Stevenson, J. C. b.Dec. 22,1902-d.Nov. 2,1968 Father

Stevenson, Joseph Died 1908

Stevenson, Lillian B. b.July 14,1947-d.Nov.4, 1962

Stevenson, Mary J. b.Feb.12,1891- (NDD)

Stevenson, Maxine b.Oct. 27,1948-d.Dec. 2,1973

Stevenson, Mrs. Dinah b.Mar.10,1867-d.June 2,1941 At Rest

Stevenson, Nebo b.Mar.4, 1917-d.Feb.1,1983 PFC U S Army WWII

Stevenson, Polly 1878-1957

Stevenson, Rev. Jackson b.June 5,1886-d.Mar.28, 1973

Stevenson, Vinie Died Feb.28,1921

Stevenson, William Dewey b.Aug.16,1952-d.Mar.27, 1962

Stevenson, Lizzie 1879-1921 Mother

Stevenson, Otis b.Mar.24,l9l6-d.Apr. 26,1965 PFC CO E 365 Inf WWII BSM Oklahoma

Stevison, Jennie Dec. 1825-Feb. 1925 Mother,

Swindall, Willard b.July 20,1902-d.Sept.3,1965 Rest In Peace

Taylor, Lewis 1905-1970 Taylor, Lavern Sept .9,1930-Apr. 12,1963

Taylor, Amos b.Apr.25,1897-d.Feb.20, 1949 Oklahoma PVT 65 Pioneer Inf WWI

Taylor, Henry b.Sept. 1,1862-d.Sept. 17,1925

Taylor, Lafayette Nov.21, 1901

Taylor, Mrs Susie Died June 28,1937 71 Years

Taylor, Pearl b.Sept.28,1909-d.Apr.19,1972

Tyner, Alvia Apr.49 1933- Oklahoma PVT 365 lnf 92 Div

Tyner, Henry

Tyner, Nancy b.Sept.3, 1871-d.Jan.29,1971

Tyner, Opal

Tyner, Malinda 1896-1977

Tyner, Man???R. Age 81 Yrs 1 Mo

Tyson, Edward b.Dec.25, 1918-Oct.7,1964

Walker, Mary b.May 10,1893-d.Jan.11,1928

Walker, Samuel Age About 32 Years

Walker, Cornelius Born 1865-Died June 5,1883

Walker, Samuel Alfred Died May 7,1891 Aged About 43 Years

Wells, Johnnie

Wells, Everett Earl 1920-1981 SGT U S Army WWII Korea

Willams, James Born 1836-Died Aug.11,1906

Williams(?) Age 56 Years

Williams, J. C. b.Oct 8,1922-d.Oct 6,1975 Father

Williams, Alma b.Nov.10,1877-d.Feb.2, 1959 Mother

Williams, Belle Died Apr.2,1968

Williams, Bryant Born and Died 1982

Williams, Elsie E.1903-(ND)

Williams, Hettie Mae b.Mar.17,1903-d.Aug.5,1969

Williams, Kenneth W. 1955-1983 Age 27

Williams, Kimball 1897-1981

Williams, L. Died Jan.1921(?)

Williams, Leford 1901-1976

Williams, Louise b.May 25,1868-d.Apr.21,1900

Williams, Melinda Died Nov.10,1879 Age 75 Years

Williams, Mother of: Elvin P. Williams

Williams, Salem Born Sept.22,1927 Age 2 Yrs

Williams, Thomas Henderson b.June 11,1922-d.Mar.26,1941

Williams, Vallie Born 1918-Died May 30,1936

Willis, Lee V. Mar.25, 1952 73 Years

Yates, Lillie b.Jan.2,1875-d.May 24,1968

Young, Mattie Yolar (?) 9/7/1892-3/2/1939

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