Calvary Cemetery
Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Calvary Cemetery in Oxford, PA is an African American cemetery attached to the AME church there. My maternal gggrandparents are buried there as well as many other African Americans. Some of them, such as my gggrandfather were members of the USCT in the Civil War. I have some photos of some tombstones from that cemetery if you would like to have them.
The photos I have are digital ones that someone sent to me. I will enclose a couple so you know what they all look like. I don't know if there is a history of the church. I live in Phoenix, AZ and the church is in Chester County, PA. It appears there is a rich history in Chester County and I have started to delve into it because a lot of my family lived there in the 19th century and during the early parts of the 20th century. I am going back on March 13th and I hope to have a lot more information and names, as well as pictures at that time. There is at least one other African American cemetery in Chester County named Union Hill. I have family in that one also so I intend to visit both. I will keep you posted.

Barry Williams
Williams Family History

Created: April 12, 1999
Updated: April 12, 1999
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