Henderson County, Texas

Contributed by Gilson H. Westbrook

Name: Barker Cemetery

Founder: Armstead Roderick Barker

Location: Baxter Community, Henderson County, Texas

First Grave: 1894 Hester Barker

History: When Hester Barker passed in 1894 her husband Armstead Roderick Barker realized there was a need for a community cemetery. He set aside four acres of land on the Barker Farm to establish a community . On October 3, 1920 during the division of the Roderick Barker Estate, it was found that the cemetery had not been deeded to the community, but was a portion of Plat #6 to which Lazarus Barker was heir. On January 13, 1934, the citizens of Gum Creek purchased the four acres from Lazarus Barker for $50.00 and the deed reads "Barker Cemetery".

Barker Cemetery is well maintained activity cemetery today. The Cemetery is maintained by the Barker Cemetery Association. The Cemetery is open to members of the Association.

A Texas Hisorical Marker was placed at the Cemetery in 1997.

For additional information on the Barker Family contact or visit the family web site

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June 12, 1999
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