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New Hope Cemetery
Arp, Smith County, Texas

Contributed by Elizabeth Wiley
Last Name First Name Birth Death Notes
Arterberry Chester none none  
Arterberry Hannah 13-Sep-1912 4-Aug-1986  
Arterberry Marcio (Tobe) 8-Apr-1915 30-May-2003  
Arterberry W. Greg 1-May-1958 8-Jan-1973  
Beck L. M. 7-Jul-1929 14-Feb-1984  
Beck Marcus 29-Jul-1926 5-Aug-1987  
Beck Myran 1898 22-Sep-1940  
Beck Nevada 19-Apr-1900 21-Mar-1971  
Blevins Henry Wayne 12-Dec-1942 25-Mar-1969  
Brown Annie L. 26-Jan-1906 28-Dec-1975  
Brown Buster 2-Sep-1924 11-Jul-2004  
Brown Curley A. 11-May-1920 20-Sep-2001  
Brown Earlene 22-Sep-1928 31-May-1998  
Brown Finis 10 Apr 1895 8-Nov-1951  
Brown Ira 11-Jan-1927 1-Sep-1959  
Brown Mary 22-Oct-1900 9-Nov-1980  
Brown May Bell 1900 1951 Wife of Wrather
Brown Wrather 1897 1946 Husband of May Bell
Butler Andrew L. none none  
Butler Bobby Joe  5-Jun-1939 6-Apr-1965  
Caddel Marion none none  
Cox Jessie Mae 3-Nov-1918 23-Jul-1967  
Daniels Josie 27-Dec-1900 11-Oct-1978 Sister
Davis Chester 15 Aor 1918 23-Jul-1950  
Davis Nellie Car none none  
Edwards Sameul 4-Feb-1914 17-May-1999  
Everhart Ielencia 26-Jan-1959    
Everhart Pamela 14-Jan-1958    
Everhart Terence Lea Maurier none 11-Jun-1963  
Farrier Mary H. 1948 2003  
Ford Brenda Lacy 13-Jul-1958 6-Jul-1980  
Franklin Allen      
Franklin Grace Beck 9-Jan-1922 22-Aug-2003  
Franklin Horace "Red" 8-May-1912 27-Jul-1984  
Franklin Jessie Mae 1904 1984  
Franklin Laura Ella Cleaver 18-Mar-1902 22-Aug-1994 Wife of Wayne
Franklin Lindsey 29-May-1929 21-Oct-1988  
Franklin Maggie 4 Jul 1875 31-Aug-1966  
Franklin Ward 21 Jun 1894 6-Aug-1990  
Franklin Wardery 11-Nov-1917 30-Jun-1992 Died in Houston, Harris County, Texas
Franklin Wayne 4 Sep 1891 18-May-1986 Husband of Laura Cleaver
George Frankie Darlene none 5-Oct-1937  
George Mable Franklin 11-Jan-1904 4-Sep-1941 Wife of Willison "Jake"
George Willison "Jake" 25-Aug-1927 27-Jan-1947 Husband of Mable Franklin
Green Albert none none  
Green Armetta 6-Jan-1909 26-Dec-2000  
Green Herbert none none  
Green Juanita Brown 12-Aug-1911 27-Feb-2000  
Green McKinley 6-Aug-1922 4-May-1982  
Hamilton Ed 19-Aug-1904 23-Sep-1995  
Hamilton Eddie L. 28-Dec-1943 3-Feb-1974  
Hampton Hubert S. 11-Apr-1923 9-Aug-2001  
Hawkins Georgia M. Perry 4-Jun-1914 29-Apr-1993  
Herndon Ethel Bell 19 Arp 1916 24-Jun-1976  
Jackson Eddie Mae 3-Sep-1909 25-Sep-1960  
Jackson Leavoda 14-Feb-1908 19-Jan-1989  
Jasper Herman 23-Jun-1925 1-Nov-1986  
Jasper Imma M. 1916 2005  
Jasper Jewel 20 Aug 1894 25-Sep-1980  
Jasper Julius 1865 24-Apr-1905 Husband to Louisiana
Jasper Louisiana 1866 1942 Wife of Julius
Jasper Travis Sr. 10-Jun-1920 5-Jul-1994 Husband of Velma Lee
Jasper Velma Lee 17-Apr-1923 8-Apr-2006 Wife of Travis Sr.
Johnson Floyd 24-Nov-1923 17-Jun-2002  
Johnson Freddie George Sr. 1-Apr-1939 6-Aug-1997 Husband of Malora Franklin
Johnson Malora Franklin 21-Feb-1941 Living Wife of Freddie George Sr.
Johnson Narcisse 1871 1964  
Lacy L. T. 19-Sep-1917 21-Mar-1979  
Lacy Rev. Rancoad? 9-Sep-1912 11-Feb-1996 Husband of Vella May
Lacy Vella May 10-Dec-1911 20-Feb-2000 Wife of Rancoad?
Lee Elizah Elwood 26-Oct-1923 19-Sep-2004  
Lee Matie L. Curry 7-Jul-1924 living  
Lydia Tiny 29-Aug-1900 19-Dec-1981  
Macoy Eleanor 12-Jun-1919 23-Apr-2002  
Malone Minnie Tillman 4-Aug-1904 13-Dec-1966  
Malone Mrs. Clara 7 Dec 1897 28-Aug-1970  
Matlock Carrie L. 25 Nov 1899 13-Aug-1997 Wife of Nathan
Matlock Fred J. 12-Mar-1924 7-May-2004  
Matlock Murl Lee 2-Dec-1927 2-Mar-1986 Wife of Vernon
Matlock Nathan E. 24 Feb 1892 17-Jan-1974 Husband of Carrie
Matlock Vernon Howard 15-Jul-1921 8-May-2006 Husband of Murl
McCrimmon Anna 5/15/0000 7/10/0000  
McNeal Emma 26-Mar-1933 27-Feb-2005  
McNeal Julie 8-Aug-1961 11-Nov-2004  
Miller Ed  16 Apr 1873 27-Oct-1947  
Moore Mary 6-Aug-1912 16-Jan-1996  
Moore Oliver, Jr. 23-Feb-1915 8-Apr-1978  
Mosley Amanda Andrews 21-Sep-1915 19-Apr-1998 Wife of Palmer Sr.
Mosley Palmer Sr. 24-Mar-1909 10-Nov-1998 Husband of Amanda Andrews
Neil Daisy Mar 1880 Apr 1946 Wife of Foy?
Neil Foy 7 Feb 1875 11-Jul-1945 Husband of Daisy?
Nelson Henry   1 Jan 1896 15-Jul-1978  
Norman Lottie 5-Jul-1905 22-Sep-1970  
Perry Mildred 16 Oct 1891 12-Jun-1979 Mother
Ray Mary A. 13 Dec 1879 16-Jul-1970  
Ray Minnie 1920 2002  
Ray  Rufus 1917 2005  
Ross Annie Marie none none Daughter of B & Fammie Ross
Ross Bonnie 20 June 1898 18-Jul-1952  
Ross Bounie B. 20 Jun 1898 18-Jul-1952 Wife of Matavelt
Ross Fannie Bell 4 Dec 1881 5-Sep-1965 Wife to Ronnie
Ross Lee Mae 23-Sep-1907 25-Jun-1950  
Ross Matavelt F. 7-Dec-1904 14-Aug-1991 Husband of Bounie
Ross Robba W.     26 Mar 1957 birth or death?
Ross Robbis W. II     18 May 1993 birth or death?
Ross Ronnie B. Sr. 22 Dec 1879 22-Mar-1952 Husband to Fannie
Ross Sharon D.     4 Feb 1961 birth or death?
Sanders Jim 11 Feb 1895 11-Aug-1968  
Smith Mrs. Eugene F. 25-Dec-1922 11-Dec-2003  
Talley Addie Mae 25-Mar-1906 10-Jul-1992  
Talley Ivery 11 Feb 1896 24-Oct-1978  
Talley Ivery Jr. 5-Nov-1936 14-Feb-2004  
Tatum Oscar 15 Mar 1892 28-Sep-1957  
Tatum Willie H. 8 Mar 1894 5-Jun-1974 Mother
Tillman James L. 23-Nov-1912 21-Nov-1997  
Tillman Lizzie A. 7 Oct 1893 20 Mauy 1955  
Tillman Willie H. 26 Nov 1892 9-Nov-1956  
Wathaw Maurice 4-Dec-1915 11-Jun-1969  
Wathaw Wilder Forks 31-Aug-1924 13-May-1988  
Wiley Bibbie 1 Jun 1877 4-Sep-1961 Wife of Robert
Wiley Robert 1 Dec 1873 24-Jul-1943 Husband of Bibbie
Williams Ethel   none none  
Williams Katie Mae 12 Oct 1890 21-Aug-1975  
Wilson Dempsey 24-Mar-1917 10-Jan-1997  
Wilson John 1893 1976 Husband of Nora F.
Wilson Mary Jane Franklin 19-Sep-1906 19-Feb-2000  
Wilson Nora F. 1900 1973 Wife of John

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